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Foundation presents a FREE musical double bill to celebrate 2018 Community Foundation Week

To mark Community Foundation week, the Kenosha Community Foundation presents a FREE double bill of music championed by the Foundation and its Executive Director, Robert Schneider:

A Musical Celebration of Community Foundation Week
6 pm, Thursday, November 15, 2018
Free Admission, Cash Bar Available
Kenosha Creative Space, 624 57th Avenue, Kenosha WI

“We invite the community to an event that features music that the Foundation has been proud to support – new, genre-busting music created and performed by emerging artists and the well-crafted and improvisational modern jazz,” says Schneider. The evening will feature:

    • Emerging music by the Kenosha-based Oscillators will perform a mini-concert that will feature the premiere of a new work composed by Emily Joy Sullivan. Sullivan, a participant in the fresh inc. music festival held at UW-Parkside this past June, was commissioned by the Foundation to create the new work specifically for the Oscillators.

    • Modern Jazz by a trio of pros – Russ Johnson on trumpet, Max Johnson on bass and Tim Daisy on drums. Russ Johnson, a music professor at UW-Parkside, has worked closely with the Foundation over the past four years to establish UW-Parkside Jazz Week which takes place each spring.

“We are especially excited that the evening’s event will showcase artists with ties to UW-Parkside – it will demonstrate what I having saying for years – that Kenosha is the home of great music and terrific professional musicians, “ says Schneider. “On top of that, the the Kenosha Creative Space is a great spot to present the variety and innovation of this ‘music made in Kenosha.”

About the Oscillators
The Oscillators are a seven-piece progressive-alternative folk group based out of Southeastern Wisconsin that plays “fresh music with traditional instruments, elements of hip-hop, and oodles of harmony.” For more information visit: wearetheoscillators.com.

About composer Emily Joy Sullivan
Emily Joy Sullivan is a composer, choir director, and educator from Buffalo, NY. Emily’s music is characterized by lyricism and lush expressiveness it is deeply influenced by folk, pop, and world music. She has traveled to different parts of the world, recently in South Africa, experience new cultures and make music. Experience samples of Emily’s music on SoundCloud at: https://soundcloud.com/emily-joy-sullivan.

About the Johnson, Johnson and Daisy Jazz Trio
The trio calls itself a “three-headed collaboration of improvisers.” Russ Johnson (trumpet), Max Johnson (double bass), Tim Daisy (drums) combine their individual sonic concepts and instrumental mastery to create an improvised sound that is truly their own, and must be heard. Hear a sample at: https://youtu.be/RdvEmjhT5Ow.