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Now Accepting Applications for the 2018 Foundation’s Cropley Scholarships

The Kenosha Community Foundation is now accepting applications for the Cropley Scholarship. Kenosha County residents who are currently attending college can apply for the Cropley Scholarships – all academic majors are welcome to apply.

In addition to a short application form and proof of Grade Point Average (GPA), such as a college transcript, the Foundation requests that all applicants answer two questions:

• How you are currently paying for your education?
• What you want to do once you complete your academic studies?

Responses to each question must be 250 words or less. Schneider says that “applicants’ responses should be well-written, clear, and concise. We strongly encourage the applicant to have a family member or friend review the responses before they submit with their application.”

New this year: all applications for the Foundation’s Cropley Scholarships must be submitted by email to: scholarships@kenoshafoundation.org.

Click here for applications forms for the Foundation’s Cropley Scholarships.

Deadline for applications is Friday, June 15, 2018.

Recipients of the Foundation’s Cropley Scholarship will be announced later this summer.

In 2018, the Foundation intends to award at least two students with Foundation’s Cropley Scholarships.In 2017, the Foundation awarded four Cropley Scholarships – each worth $3,000 – to students attending Carthage College, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Parkside, and UW-Whitewater.

Eligibility for the Foundation’s Cropley Scholarship
To be eligible for the Kenosha Community Foundation’s Cropley Scholarship, an applicant must:

• Be a resident of Kenosha County.
• Be an undergraduate enrolled at an accredited college/university in the US and have completed at least one year of study.
• Have a minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA) out of 4.0.
• Submit a scholarship application form, proof of GPA (such as a college transcript) and a photo.

Kenosha Symphony’s Woodwind Quintet to perform a free February 24 mini-concert

The Quintet will perform “Place on the Pike: Then and Now” – a new work inspired by Kenosha’s history

The Kenosha Community Foundation, in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha, presents the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra’s Woodwind Quintet in a free mini-concert performance:

• 1:00-1:30 pm, Saturday, February 24, 2018
• Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha, First Floor, 1330-52nd Street, Kenosha WI

The highlight of the mini-concert will be the debut of “Place of the Pike: Then and Now” – a new work by composer Haley Woodrow that was commissioned by the Kenosha Community Foundation.

The mini-concert will also feature of short musical selections by Debussy and Hindemith.

Kenosha Community Foundation Executive Director, Robert Schneider says,

“We (the Foundation) truly enjoy working with the Kenosha Symphony and its professional musicians on projects that engage different audiences in the community. We look forward to the Woodwind Quintet’s performance of Haley Woodrow’s innovative and interactive new work – it is certain to be a special musical experience as it celebrates the history and character of Kenosha and is being performed at the Boys and Girls Club – a great facility that is very representative of Kenosha ‘Now’.”

About the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra’s Woodwind Quintet
The Kenosha Symphony’s Woodwind Quintet includes: Carol Meves (flute), Suzanne Geoffrey (oboe), Orlando Pimentel (clarinet), Andrew Jackson (bassoon), and Kathryn Krubsack (horn). The group plays recital programs and performs educational programs throughout the year, performing music from many varied time periods and styles, Baroque to Latin, heavy to light.

This the second time the KSO’s Woodwind Quintet has performed a Kenosha Community Foundation Commission work – the group performed “Beacon” by Sid Richardson at a 2015 mini-concert.

Foundation is a long-time supporter of the KSO and in 2015 established the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra (KSO) Endowment Fund to help assure continued excellence in performance and educational programs for years to come (for details, see kenoshasymphony.org/endowment-fund.html).

About the Kenosha Community Foundation Commission at the “fresh inc” Music Festival
Haley Woodrow’s “Place of the Pike: Then and Now” is the fourth composition to be commissioned by Kenosha Community Foundation. Each year, the Foundation commissions a composer attending the “fresh inc.“ Music Festival to receive the Kenosha Community Foundation Commission and create a new work to be performed by members of the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra.

In alignment with the Foundation’s commitment to support the development of under-represented young professionals, starting summer 2017, the commission is awarded to a female composer or composer of color.

Composer Haley Woodrow on “Place of the Pike: Then and Now”
While “Place of the Pike: Then and Now” will have its premiere performance on February 24, the composition has already won the Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization (MACRO) Composition competition.

Woodrow says of “Place of the Pike: Then and Now:”

“First labeled by the Potawatomi, “place of the pike” refers to the historical translation of the word ‘Kenosha’, which is situated just south of where the Pike River ends. The opening movement of the piece, Car Factory, begins at the turn of the 20th century, by depicting life as a factory worker, highlighting mechanical sounds, melodic whistling and sounds from the Motown era. Audience participation is employed throughout the piece with the use of techniques such as snapping and stomping.

A significant event is depicted in the short second movement, Implosion, to evoke the “chimney demolition” of the American Motors Corporation plant, which occurred in 1990 and drew over 10,000 spectators. This moment is also intended to be symbolic of the “tech boom”, which has not only shaped a new vocational life for so many of us, but has also deeply impacted the way we communicate and interact with one another.

Where the plant once stood is now a lovely lakefront community area, dubbed HarborPark, which is beautiful reflection of the current business and civic efforts of the local government and people! The final movement Now, employs an exciting building section with the transformation of earlier motifs, to portray the technology era and its abundant possibilities.

Both the structural renovation and enthusiastic locals in Kenosha exude a palpable energy, indicative of a city working toward a bright future, with its best days undoubtedly ahead. I am extremely grateful to both the Kenosha Symphony musicians, as well as the Kenosha Community Foundation for bringing this new work to life.”

Foundation awards over $53,000 in grants from four Field of Interest Funds

The Kenosha Community Foundation has awarded 32 grants totaling $53,419 to 24 non-profit organizations and projects serving Kenosha County residents. The Foundation awarded the grants from four of its Field of Interest Funds endowment funds – the LaFave Family Fund, the OMC Legacy Fund, Women’s Fund and Kenosha Arts Fund.

The full list of grants awarded is posted below:

From the LaFave Family Fund (established by the estate of Susann LaFave), 11 grants were made to:

• Agape Love Christian Ministries to support its Dad I Need You program at Kenosha County Jail.
• Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha to support its Dipolomas2Degrees college readiness program.
• Carthage College Music Department to support its Six Appeal acapella performances.
• Center for Collaborative Research to help expand its Press on Wheels mobile education program.
• Fresh Inc. Music Festival for Emerging Composers and Musicians (held at UW-Parkside and organized by Fifth House Ensemble) to support Kenosha area music performances by festival artists.
• Girls Scouts of Wisconsin for its skill building (leadership, collaboration problem solving) classes.
• Kenosha Achievement Center to support pre-employment soft skills training for youth and adults.
• Kenosha Creative Space for the publication of CREATE Magazine that promotes area arts efforts.
• Kenosha Literacy Council to support its Family Literacy Nights program.
• Lemon Street Gallery and ArtSpace to support its ceramics program for Hope Council clients.
• United Way of Kenosha County to support its McKinley Tutoring early-grade reading initiative.

From the Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) Legacy Fund, five grants targeting youth programs to:
• ELCA Outreach Center to support its summer camp for inner city Kenosha grade school youth.
• Kenosha YMCA to support its Dedicated Dads program that supports single fathers, a collaboration with the Kenosha / Racine Community Action.
• Open Wings Learning to support its Learning by Doing program.
• Sharing Center for its In School Child Nutrition program serving Westosha’s low-income students.
• Women and Children’s Horizon for its Angel Fund that assists children and teens at the shelter.

From the Foundation’s Women’s Fund, 11 grants to programs that benefit women and children to:
• Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha for a program of self-defense classes for young females. (Funds for this grant are from the Kubasiewicz Family Trust).
• Girl Scouts of Wisconsin for its Trails to Confidence camping / environmental education program.
• Habitat for Humanity of Kenosha to help it build up to five homes for local low income families.
• Kenosha Achievement Center to support its Hanen speech and language therapy program.
• Kenosha Common Markets, Inc. for its Market-Moola program that incents FoodShares families to shop at HarborMarket and make healthy food purchase choices.
• Kenosha County Association for Home and Community Education for its participation in the Wisconsin BookwormsTM reading program.
• Kenosha Literacy Council for their Women in Focus workshops on women’s issues.
• Kenosha YMCA to support its Dress for Success women’s employment and empowerment program.
• Lemon Street Gallery and ArtSpace for its after-school ceramics studio for middle school students.
• Shalom Center its Kids Succeed tutoring and cultural enrichment program, conducted with assistance from Carthage College.
• Sharing Center to help provide free transportation for its low income clients.

From the Foundation’s Kenosha Arts Fund, five grants were made to:
• Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha for its Enhance Workforce Development program, in collaboration with several other agencies, that includes youth participation in creating community art projects.
• Hospice Alliance to support its arts-based therapy program and services for its patients.
• Kemper Center to support its Kids Space Art Camp art classes held at the Anderson Arts Center.
• Kenosha Achievement Center for its Garden Works Agribusiness horticulture/art therapy program.
• Shalom Center its Kids Succeed tutoring and cultural enrichment program.

Community Foundation seeks community input on its future grant making focus through an on-line survey

The Kenosha Community Foundation is asking area residents to participate in an online survey to help them focus their 2018 grant making.

The Community Foundation, in collaboration with the Kenosha County UW-Extension, has established a short on-line survey to collect the community’s views on the priorities, opportunities and challenges in Kenosha and Kenosha County.

The on-line survey is accessible by visiting http://bit.ly/WhatKenoshaNeeds; links to the survey can be also found at www.KenoshaFoundation.org and the Community Foundation’s Facebook page.

The survey will be available through November 15.

About the Community Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund Grant Making and the On-Line Survey
According to Robert Schneider, Foundation Executive Director, “each year, the Community Foundation awards grants to local non-profit organizations from the proceeds of the pool of Unrestricted Endowment funds. Since 2008, we have focused awards from these Unrestricted Funds to non-profit projects and organizations that provided basic human needs, especially initiatives that responded to needs resulting from the economic downturn of the last decade.”

“With the national and local economies now stabilized, the Community Foundation is looking to adjust the focus of our grant making from the Unrestricted Funds to one that better aligns with community’s current priorities, challenges and needs. To help us in this effort, the Foundation is seeking input from the community.”

Using the results of the survey, and through consultation with other local funding and charitable organizations, the Community Foundation will finalize the focus for its 2018 Unrestricted Funds grant making.

In 2017, the Foundation awarded 14 grants totaling over $55,000 from the Unrestricted Funds pool.

Applications for 2018 grants from the Unrestricted Funds will be available about January 1, 2018.

The Community Foundation also plans to discuss its new grant making focus at its annual meeting planned for January (location, date, and time of the annual meeting to be announced).

Community Foundation announces 2018 Field of Interest Funds grant opportunities

The Kenosha Community Foundation announces that local not-for-profit organizations can now apply for 2018 grants from four Field of Interest Funds that it manages.

Click here for a 2018 Field of Interest grant application, grant criteria for each fund, and instructions.

Foundation Executive Director Robert Schneider says the area’s community foundation is seeking proposals to be funded from the following endowment funds:

• OMC Legacy Fund – Supports programs and activities that improve the general welfare and enhance the quality of life for youth in the greater Kenosha community. Last year, the Foundation awarded three grants from this fund – the average grant was $2,750.

• LaFave Family Fund – Supports programs and organizations that promote understanding, communication and a sense of tolerance between individuals and groups through education, arts and humanities. Last year, the Foundation awarded seven grants from this fund – the average grant was $2,850.

• Women’s Fund – Supports programs that create opportunities for women and children through responsive philanthropy and community involvement. Last year, the Foundation awarded eight grants from this fund – the average grant was $1,050.

• Arts Fund – Supports programs that enhance the culture, economy and quality of life in Kenosha County; the fund is particularly interested in: a) opportunities and creative initiatives for expanding art in Kenosha; b) urgent needs which sustain fledgling organizations or efforts; and/or c) projects that have educational value.
NOTE: There is a maximum of $1,000 per grant request on 2018 Arts Fund awards.

In January 2017, the Foundation awarded 20 grants, totaling $51,000, from these four funds.

Applications must be received by the Foundation no later than 4 p.m. Friday, September 29, 2017.

Committees of volunteers from around Kenosha County will help select award recipients. Grant awards will be announced in January 2018.

Applications for 2018 grants from the Foundation’s Unrestricted Funds will be released in December 2017.

For additional questions, contact email@kenoshafoundation.org, or call 262-654-2412.

Foundation awards 14 grants totaling $56,000 from Unrestricted endowment funds

The Foundation awarded grants totaling $56,000 to 14 Kenosha County not-for-profit organizations and projects. According to Executive Director Robert Schneider, these grants are derived from the income earned by the Foundation’s Unrestricted endowment funds.

“Nearly all of these grants directly support the operations of 14 local not-for-profit organizations that serve our Community, this includes emergency capital projects and equipment purchases,” Schneider said.

“Many of these grants will help fulfill some unglamorous needs – like repairing a roof, replacing equipment or rehabbing a blighted building – we understand that they are vital to the organizations and also the ones that most often that fail to attract donors.”

With these grant awards, the Foundation completes the its competitive grant making for 2017 – earlier in January, the Foundation awarded $51,000 in grants from its Field of Interest funds. This year, the Foundation awarded competitive grants to not-for-profit organizations totaling $107,000 – a 19 percent increase from 2016.

NOTE: Below find a full list of 2017 Unrestricted Funds grants awarded by the Community Foundation:

June 2017 Unrestricted Funds Grants Brochure

The Mary D. Bradford High School Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund issues its first awards to four Bradford High seniors

The Board of Directors of the Kenosha Community Foundation congratulates the four seniors at Mary D. Bradford High School who are the first recipients of the Bradford High School Class of ‘61 Scholarships:

Sonja Katt plans to attend Carthage College.

Cassandra Millard plans to attend Carthage College.

Lindsey Orthmann plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Cooper Scarmardo plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

To receive the $1,500 scholarship, Bradford High seniors must plan to attend a college or university in Wisconsin. Nineteen students from Bradford High applied for the scholarship.

In 2016, members of the Mary D. Bradford High School class of 1961 established a scholarship fund at the Kenosha Community Foundation, to benefit of students graduating from their alma mater
who plan to pursue a two-year or four-year degree at an accredited Wisconsin college or university.

Fresh from the Grammy Awards, the Donny McCaslin BLACKSTAR Quartet coming to Kenosha March 9

Jazz saxophonist Donny McCaslin and the quartet that performed with the late David Bowie on his multi-Grammy Award winning, final album – “Blackstar” – will be a featured at University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s Jazz Week with a Thursday, March 9, FREE afternoon master class and evening concert.

The Kenosha Community Foundation presents: The Donny McCaslin Blackstar Quartet

    Master Class: 4:00 pm; FREE, open to area musicians, music students, and the public
    Concert: 7:30 pm; $10 for adults, $5 for students with ID.

Date: Thursday, March 9, 2017

Place: Frances Bedford Concert Hall
“The Rita” – The Rita Tallent Picken Center for Arts and Humanities
University of Wisconsin – Parkside
900 Wood Road, Kenosha, WI 53141-2000

To purchase tickets for the evening concert, go on-line to: uwparksidetickets.com and select the Music tab. Tickets are also available UW-Parkside box office (262-595-2564).

Joining the Community Foundation as event sponsors for the Donny McCaslin Blackstar Quartet’s Kenosha appearances are: BMO Harris Bank (principal co-sponsor), Seymour and Associates S.C., the Kenosha Creative Space, and the HarborPark Jazz, Rhythm and Blues Festival (presented each year by the Mary Lou and Arthur F. Mahone Fund of the Kenosha Community Foundation.)

About Donny McCaslin, the quartet and their latest release dedicated to Bowie
In 2015, Saxophonist Donny McCaslin and his quartet performed with David Bowie on his final album Blackstar – winner of multiple 2017 Grammy Awards. “It was like a dream except it was something I never could have dreamed of,” reflects McCaslin on working hand-in-hand with Bowie on “Blackstar”. “David Bowie was a visionary artist whose generosity, creative spirit, and fearlessness will stay with me the rest of my days.”

McCaslin says that his latest album “Beyond Now” on Motema Music “is dedicated to (Bowie) and to all who loved him.” For “Beyond Now”, McCaslin’s band was comprised of core personnel that performed on ”Blackstar” – among them, bassist Jonathan Maron, drummer Jason Lindner and guitarist Nate Wood are scheduled to perform at the UW-Parkside master class and concert. The quartet’s repertoire is expansive – it is comprised of two Bowie songs, covers of Deadmau5, MUTEMATH, and the Chainsmokers, as well as compelling McCaslin originals including the title composition, inspired by a track inspired by a song McCaslin recorded for “Blackstar” that didn’t make the album.

To see a video preview of McCaslin in concert (at a NPR Tiny Desk concert in January 2017), go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIbFjfH0erI.

About UW-Parkside’s Jazz Week
Again this year the University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s music department will present Jazz Week – from March 6 through March 10. This week-long showcase of jazz workshops and performances – all performed in UW-Parkside’s world-class Bedford Concert Hall. For more information on Jazz Week contact Russ Johnson, UW-Parkside Director of Jazz Studies. (russell.johnson@uwp.edu).

Visit us on Instagram!

The Kenosha Community Foundation is now on Instagram?

Visit us at https://www.instagram.com/kenoshafoundation.

On Instagram, we will be highlighting the Foundation’s work, projects, and events including: #SculptureWalkHarborPark, #HarborParkJRP, and #LincolnParkLive.

First postings involve recent photos of the “Free to Fly” sculpture – its temporary installation in Civic Center Park is a project that we are proud to have sponsored – click here on the link to view one such posting.

#KenoshaSculptures #KenoshaFun


2017-2019 Sculpture Walk – HarborPark

Photography from Visit Kenosha

arts-fund-logo-banner for printsculpturewalk_logo from hambrock

Download Application HERE

The mission of the Kenosha Community Foundation Arts Fund is to encourage and enhance cultural life and public art in the Kenosha (WI) area through facilitation, recognition, and financial support. The Arts Fund initiative is a sculpture walk consisting of a two-year installation of sculptors’ work for which each artist will receive an honorarium of $2,000. The Kenosha Community Foundation Arts Fund is soliciting artists for the 2017-2019 Sculpture WalkHarborPark Exhibit.

HarborPark is located along Kenosha’s active lakefront. This area is home to parks, beaches, harbors, local cultural amenities and events, an upscale residential development, local businesses, restaurants and Kenosha’s historic business and municipal district. An existing pedestrian promenade accommodates the placement of the Sculpture Walk project. The promenade meanders through HarborPark providing brilliant views of Kenosha’s harbor, Lake Michigan, and various amenities of the area. The sculpture walk adds to the scenic walk offering residents and visitors a pleasant, cultural experience. The art sculptures are enjoyed by thousands and provide varying views of the landscape throughout the four seasons. The HarborPark-Sculpture Walk allows opportunities for artists to exhibit their work in a unique setting year round.


Artists will be commissioned to exhibit original sculptures from their existing collections. Works are required to be created in any durable media. High winds and lake effect conditions are a significant factor. Sculptures must withstand weather elements and abuse of an outdoor display. The HarborPark area is not secure and is not surveyed by security cameras. Content must be appropriate for all ages. Sculptures should not have sharp edges or be an
endangerment to the public. The committee reserves the right to inspect all pieces and instruct the removal of a sculpture if the committee feels it presents any hazards.

HarborPark offers the opportunity for a variety of sculptures. Life size and/or monumental sculptures of varying sizes are recommended. The public art will be mounted on square, concrete foundation slabs measuring 6’x6’ or 10’x10’. The piece must be structured so that the concrete slab is capable of supporting the art. Selection of sculptures and sizes may be dependent on the available sizes of foundation slabs. Sculptures must be ready for outdoor installation with a minimum mounting system of no less than 3/8” bolts and no greater than 3/4” bolts. A minimum 3-point bolting system is required. A template board with exact bolt locations is required and must accompany sculptures. Please indicate if you cannot provide your own drill equipment or power tools for installing and de-installing the sculptures – assistance may be available. Crane equipment for lifting and setting sculptures will be provided during installation and de-installation.

To accommodate interested parties, all pieces must be available for sale. The Kenosha Community Foundation Arts Fund will collect a 20% commission on sculptures sold during the period of the exhibit. The artist’s name, title of sculpture, material of piece, year the sculpture was created, and sponsor of the sculpture will appear on a recognition plaque mounted on the base of the concrete foundation slab.

Sculptures will be located on the walk for two (2) years. Artists are responsible for delivery of and the removal of their sculpture at the expiration of the exhibit. If sculpture is not removed upon removal deadline, the sculpture becomes the property of the Arts Fund. Details of installation and removal dates will be submitted upon selection of art and artist. The 2017- 2019 Installation is expected the mid to late September 2017.

Artists will receive a $2,000 honorarium per piece for the two-year period. The honorarium will be distributed over the two-year period per the following breakdown:

$1,000 upon installation of the sculpture
$500 at the start of the second year of the exhibit.
$500 upon de-installation of the sculpture. Please note: Final payment will not be given until sculpture is de-installed from the exhibit.

Each artist will be under contract with the Kenosha Community Foundation Arts Fund for the duration of the exhibit. Selected artists are responsible for transportation to and from the site, and are required to be on site to oversee installation.

Application Deadline: Midnight, March 15, 2017Midnight, April 17, 2017.
Review and Selection: April 30, 2017 (Selected sculptures must be approved by City of Kenosha)
Artist Notification: No later than May 15, 2017 (Dependent on approvals by City of Kenosha)
Installation Dates: Anticipated week of September 11, 2017
The Arts Fund reserves the right to update or revise the schedule as necessary.

A selection panel composed of community members and facilitated by the Arts Fund will choose the finalists. Selections will be presented to the City of Kenosha review boards for final approval. Artists will be contacted once the decision has been made in a timely fashion to allow for planning of installation of sculpture.
Selection criteria including but are not limited to:

  • Durable media, must withstand all weather elements, including high winds off Lake Michigan
  • Suitable for an outdoor setting and safe to the public
  • Represents diverse materials and perspectives
  • Overall appeal and aesthetic quality


The Sculpture Walk – HarborPark 2017-2019 Exhibit Application Form (follows the Call for Art) including required supporting information must be received by midnight, March 15, 2017 Midnight, April 17, 2017.

Email to:
Kenosha Community Foundation – Arts Fund
Please indicate “2017-2019 Sculpture Walk – HarborPark Submittal” in the subject line
Mail to:
Kenosha Community Foundation
Attention: Arts Fund
600 52nd St #110
Kenosha, WI 53140

For more information on the Sculpture Walk-HarborPark and to view previous exhibits, please
visit: http://www.kenoshafoundation.org/grant-information/arts-fund/

If you have questions, please contact the Kenosha Community Foundation office at:
Phone: (262) 654-2412 or
Email: artsfund@kenoshafoundation.org.

We look forward to your submittal!