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Field of Interest Funds

What are our Field of Interest Funds?

The Foundation manages five Field of Interest funds – each fund was established by the Foundation’s Board of Directors for a particular philanthropic interest as specified by its creators and donors.

With investment income from the Field of Interest funds, the Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations within the funds defined area of interest:

  • The Kenosha Arts Fund supports projects that enhance the culture, economy and quality of life in Kenosha and have an impact on the arts and community at large.
  • The OMC Legacy Fund supports programs and activities designed to improve the general welfare and enhance the quality of life for youth in the Kenosha community.
  • The LaFave Family Fund supports programs that further education – particularly by promoting the humanities, the arts, tolerance and communication.
  • The Women’s Fund supports programs and organizations that create opportunities for women and children.
  • The Kubasiewicz Family Trust supports grants to non-profits organizations selected by the Foundation’s Women’s Fund.

For each of the Field of Interest Funds, the Foundation, with the aid of committees of community volunteers, operates a thoughtful, responsive and community-based grant-making program that annually awards grant funds to local non-profit organizations. Though the purposes of the Field of Interest Funds are clearly focused, they remain flexible enough to meet community needs in the interest area—even as they change over time.

NOTE: All of the Field of Interest funds accept donations from the public.