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Investment Policies

Overall Policy
Investment of the Kenosha Community Foundation charitable funds shall be carried out in a manner to achieve stable long term growth of principal and sufficient income to provide for the fund’s charitable objectives.

This long-term, disciplined portfolio includes a diverse mix of equities, bonds and alternative investments.

The goal of this pool is to generate highly competitive investment returns that support grant making, while ensuring that each fund’s principal growth equals or exceeds the rate of inflation.

The assets within the Foundation are prudently managed and invested for optimum return in accordance with the written Investment Policy approved by the Board of Directors.

Investment Objective
The portfolio is designed to achieve a return of 8% annually that includes a 5% payout and 3% towards growth and coverage of administrative expenses.

Investment Management
Funds are professionally managed by a group of local managers and are under the supervision of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. The Finance Committeee of the Board actively monitors the returns and administrative expenses of the Community Foundation’s investment pool to ensure a balanced investment approach and that return objectives are reached.