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Charitable Funds

A tax-exempt public charity, the Kenosha Community Foundation exits as a collection of Charitable Funds established by individuals, families, organizations, projects, and companies. The Foundation manages two categories of Charitable Funds:

  • Donor Funds Administered by the Foundation
  • Funds Held and Managed for Other Organizations

Donor Funds Administered by the Foundation

The Foundation offers numerous fund options that allow donors to express their unique and diverse charitable interests. The funds also offer convenient and flexible ways for donors and their friends to make charitable contributions, guaranteeing a lasting impact.

An individual or group makes a gift to the Foundation – we accept a wide variety of assets – charitable fund options that meet a donor’s interests and needs. These include:

The Foundation offers flexible gift options through several different fund types, allowing donors to reach charitable goals at a donation level that best fits their budget.

Donor Advised Funds can be established with a donation of as little as $2,500. Annually, income from the funds is distributed as grants to non-profit organizations or perhaps as a scholarship based on the allocation instructions of the donor.

Named Endowments are designed for individuals, families or organizations that want to establish a fund to continue charitable giving in perpetuity. For a contribution of $10,000 or more the Foundation offers donors two named endowment fund options:

  • Restricted Named Endowments – donors can establish a fund that provides on-going gifts that benefit particular charitable organizations or promote a certain cause.
  • Unrestricted Named Endowments – donors allow the Foundation’s Board of Directors to choose who will receive benefits, with the understanding that the Foundation continually examines community needs and addresses those needs with grant awards.

Scholarship Funds are named endowment funds that allow donors to make merit, need or academic-based scholarship awards to students seeking to further their education. With a scholarship fund, a donor can establish the criteria for selecting scholarship recipients and identify a conduit organization that best fits with the student population you want to support.

    NOTE: Conduit organizations can be a school, charity or religious institution. Scholarships can established to aid a specific group of students: high school students, current college students, returning adults, graduate and/or medical students; students studying a particular subject; and/or attending a specific educational institution(s).

Starter Funds are for individuals who are interested in permanent community philanthropy but do not have the desire to create a fund immediately. This fund is built over time with tax-deductible contributions of as little as $600 per year. Earnings are reinvested into the fund, enhancing its tax-free growth. Upon reaching a predetermined funding level of $5,000, $10,000 or more, the Starter Fund converts into a grant-making endowment fund.

Funds Held and Managed for Other Organizations

The Foundation also manages the assets of funds established by and for non-profit organizations and projects that serve the community through two charitable fund options:

  • Organization Endowment Funds are a hassle free way to build an endowment that supports a not-for-profit organization. An Organization Endowment Fund allows a donor to provide a perpetual source of income to support the efforts of a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization of their choice.
  • Fiscal Sponsorships

Charitable Fund Management

To provide responsible stewardship of assets entrusted to its care, the Foundation pools assets in investment portfolios to both maximize fund growth and amounts available to benefit the community. The Foundation provides perpetual fund maintenance and oversight, ensuring that fund income will be managed and distributed in accordance with the intentions of the donors.

What are Field of Interest Funds?

Field of Interest Funds are a specific type of restricted endowment funds established by a donor(s) in collaboration with the Foundation to address needs in an important area of community life such as arts and culture, community development, education, environment, health and human services, youth issues and more.

The Foundation currently manages the following six Field of Interest Funds:

Kenosha Arts Fund

LaFave Family Fund

OMC Legacy Fund

Women’s Fund

Clark-Barber Family Fund

Kubasiewicz Family Trust

For each of the Field of Interest Funds, the Foundation operates a thoughtful, responsive and community-based (through volunteer grant review committees) grant-making program that annually awards grant funds to local non-profit organizations.

Though the purposes of the Field of Interest Funds are clearly focused, they remain flexible enough to meet community needs in the interest area—even as they change over time.

NOTE: All of the Field of Interest funds accept donations from the public.