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Field of Interest Funds

The Foundation manages five Field of Interest funds – each fund was established by the Foundation’s Board of Directors for a particular philanthropic interest as specified by its creators and donors.

With investment income from the Field of Interest funds, the Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations within the funds defined area of interest:

  • The Kenosha Arts Fund supports projects that enhance the culture, economy and quality of life in Kenosha and have an impact on the arts and community at large.
  • The OMC Legacy Fund supports programs and activities designed to improve the general welfare and enhance the quality of life for youth in the Kenosha community.
  • The LaFave Family Fund supports programs that further education – particularly by promoting the humanities, the arts, tolerance and communication.
  • The Women’s Fund supports programs and organizations that create opportunities for women and children.
  • The Kubasiewicz Family Trust supports grants to non-profits organizations selected by the Foundation’s Women’s Fund.

The Foundation, with the aid of committees of community volunteers, selects the grantees in a process based upon the criteria listed above.

Click here for a 2018 Field of Interest grant application form and instructions.