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Field of Interest Funds

Take Note: We are no longer accepting applications from local not-for-profit organizations for 2022 grants from the Women’s LaFave Family, OMC Legacy and Kenosha Arts Field of Interest funds.

Grant awards will be announced in January 2022.

2021 Grants from our Field of Interest Funds

The Kenosha Community Foundation awarded 24 grants totaling $51,241 to non-profit organizations and projects that serve Kenosha County residents from four of its Field of Interest Funds charitable funds – the LaFave Family Fund, the OMC Legacy Fund, Women’s Fund, and the Kenosha Arts Fund.

List of Grants Awarded January 2021 by the Kenosha Community Foundation

From the LaFave Family Fund (established by the estate of Susann LaFave), six grants* were made to:

• Agape Love Christian Ministries to support its Sky is the Limit After-School program.
• Congregations United to Serve Humanity-Kenosha (CUSH-Kenosha) to support training of the organizers and facilitators for its community outreach program titled “Racial Equity: From Implicit Bias to Relationship Building to Action.”
• Faith, Hope and Love to support a program that prepares first responders and case workers to aid children dealing with trauma and on the autism spectrum.
• Fresh Inc. Music Festival for Emerging Composers and Musicians (held at UW-Parkside and organized by Fifth House Ensemble) to support Kenosha area music performances by festival artists.
• Kenosha Achievement Center to provide specialized education and therapeutic coaching to caregivers of children with special needs.
• Succeed Beyond High School to support its Ready to Succeed College / Career Readiness fair for local students.

*NOTE: In addition to the grants awarded to non-profit organizations, each year the LaFave Family Fund supports a scholarship at Marquette University College of Communications of (Susann LaFave’s alma mater).

From the Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) Legacy Fund, seven grants targeting youth programs to:

• Concerned Citizens Coalition to support its Teen Task Force that promotes a lifestyle free of alcohol, tobacco and drugs (ATOD).
• ELCA Outreach Center to support its six-week summer camp for inner-city Kenosha grade school youth.
• Faith, Hope and Love to help expand its Duffels for Kids program that serves Kenosha County children in crisis.
• Focus on Community to support its Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) program.
• Kenosha County Food Bank for equipment and supplies required to facilitate its curbside delivery efforts in the cold weather months.
• Kenosha YMCA to support its Brass and Lincoln Middle School Achievers program.
• Succeed Beyond High School for is Succeed Beyond High School program that assists student participants to further education and career goals.

From the Foundation’s Women’s Fund, six grants to programs that benefit women and children to:

• Faith Hope and Love to help expand its Duffels for Kids program with Kenosha County.
• Kenosha Achievement Center for specialized adaptive equipment provided to children with special needs.
• Kenosha County Association for Home and Community Education to support provides free books to preschoolers in Kenosha County’s Head Start programs.
• Kenosha Human Development Services to provide support to participants in its Victim of Crime Act Program.
• Kenosha Literacy Council for their Women in Focus interactive workshops on women’s issues.
• Kenosha YMCA for its Feeding Families nutrition program.

From the Foundation’s Kenosha Arts Fund, five grants were made to:

• Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha to support a quilt making program for its youth members – all quilts fabricated in the program will be donated to the Shalom Center.
• Fleeing Artists Theatre to support its free Summer Shakespeare performances produced annually in partnership with the Kenosha Parks Alliance.
• Fifth House Ensemble and the Kenosha Creative Space to support the creation of a series of “sonic” murals.
• Kenosha Achievement Center to procure art supplies for the GardenWorks program that serves adults with special needs.
• Kenosha Opera Festival to support its inaugural season.

Thanks to all organizations that submitted proposals for grants this year.

2020 Grants from Field of Interest Funds

In January 2020, the Foundation awarded grants totaling $49,704 to non-profit organizations and projects that serve Kenosha County residents from the LaFave Family Fund, the OMC Legacy Fund, Women’s Fund, and the Kenosha Arts Fund.

What are our Field of Interest Funds?

The Foundation manages several Field of Interest Funds provide – each fund was established by the Foundation’s Board of Directors for a particular philanthropic interest as specified by its creators and donors.

With a portion of their annual investment income, the Foundation awards grants from several Field of Interest Funds award grants to non-profit organizations within their defined area of interest:

  • The Kenosha Arts Fund supports projects that enhance the culture, economy and quality of life in Kenosha and have an impact on the arts and community at large.
  • The OMC Legacy Fund supports programs and activities designed to improve the general welfare and enhance the quality of life for youth in the Kenosha community.
  • The LaFave Family Fund supports programs that further education – particularly by promoting the humanities, the arts, tolerance and communication.
  • The Women’s Fund supports programs and organizations that create opportunities for women and children.

NOTE: The following two Field of Interest endowment funds support the CBK Small Grant program – our newest competitive grant making program: The Clark-Barber Family Fund and The Kubasiewicz Family Trust.

For each of the Field of Interest Funds, the Foundation, with the aid of committees of community volunteers, operates a thoughtful, responsive, and community-based grant-making program that annually awards grant funds to local non-profit organizations. Though the purposes of the Field of Interest Funds are clearly focused, they remain flexible enough to meet community needs in the interest area—even as they change over time.

– Other Field of Interest Funds at the Foundation, including the Mary Lou and Arther F. Mahone Fund and the Grace Kolakowski Fund, have not established competitive grantmaking programs.
– All of the Field of Interest funds listed above accept donations from the public.