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Field of Interest Funds


Thanks to all organizations that submitted proposals for grants from the following endowment funds:

  • OMC Legacy Fund
  • LaFave Family Fund
  • Women’s Fund
  • Kenosha Arts Fund
  • Grants from these funds will awarded and announced in January 2021.

    2020 Grants from Field of Interest Funds

    In January, the Foundation awarded grants totaling $49,704 to non-profit organizations and projects that serve Kenosha County residents from four of its Field of Interest Funds charitable funds – the LaFave Family Fund, the OMC Legacy Fund, Women’s Fund, and the Kenosha Arts Fund.

    From the LaFave Family Fund, eight grants were made to:

    • Agape Love Christian Ministries to support its Sky is the Limit After-School program.
    • Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha to support Family Science Night.
    • Carthage College Music Department for its effort to teach KUSD students African dance and music by the Tanzania-based Ibuka Dance Foundation.
    • Fresh Inc. Music Festival for Emerging Composers and Musicians (held at UW-Parkside and organized by Fifth House Ensemble) to support Kenosha area music performances by festival artists.
    • Girls Scouts of Wisconsin for its Promise Program that provides leadership education for girls from low income neighborhoods in Kenosha.
    • Kenosha Literacy Council to support its Family Literacy Nights program.
    • Kenosha Public Library for its Building Common Ground program.
    • Kenosha YMCA to support its Fit Families program that local income/WIC families.

    From the Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) Legacy Fund, eight grants targeting youth programs to:
    • Big Brothers/Big Sisters to support its youth mentoring program with Carthage College.
    • Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha to support Indoor Soccer Scholarships for local at-risk youth.
    • ELCA Outreach Center to support its summer camp for inner-city Kenosha grade school youth.
    • Faith, Hope and Love for a program that assists children during visits to an incarcerated parent.
    • Girl Scouts of Southeastern Wisconsin to help provide financial assistance to girls to attend its outdoor summer camp.
    • Kenosha Achievement Center for Voyage Transportation Assistance for young adults with disabilities.
    • Sharing Center for its Preventative Rent / Utility Assistance program for families at-risk for homelessness.
    • Three Harbors Council Boys Scouts for its program that provides local youth immersive career experiences and mentoring with local businesses.

    From the Foundation’s Women’s Fund, nine grants to programs that benefit women and children to:
    • America Legion Auxiliary for the Badger Girls State conference for area Junior high school girls.
    • Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha to support a self-defense workshop for young women.
    • Faith Hope and Love to help expand its Duffels for Kids program with Kenosha County.
    • Girl Scouts of Southeastern Wisconsin a second grant to help provide financial assistance to girls to attend its outdoor summer camp.
    • Kenosha Achievement Center for its SPROUTS Playgroups Lending Library.
    • Kenosha County Association for Home and Community Education to support its participation in Wisconsin Bookworms which provides free books to Head Start students.
    • Kenosha Literacy Council for their Women in Focus interactive workshops on women’s issues.
    • Kenosha YMCA for its Feeding Families program that targets low-income and female-headed households.
    • Sharing Center a second grant for its Preventative Rent / Utility Assistance program.

    From the Foundation’s Kenosha Arts Fund, seven grants were made to:
    • Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha to help it develop a Teen Center inspirational mural.
    • Fleeing Artists Theatre to support its free Summer Shakespeare performances produced annually in partnership with the Kenosha Parks Alliance.
    • Kenosha Achievement Center to help it develop a Teen Center inspirational mural.
    • Lemon Street Gallery and ArtSpace to support painting instruction for children in Union Park.
    • Our Harmony Club to support its program of music therapy for the elderly and infirmed.
    • Shalom Center to support its Mind, Body, and Spirit program.
    • Sharing Center to help it create a set of community murals in western Kenosha County.

    What are our Field of Interest Funds?

    The Foundation manages five Field of Interest funds – each fund was established by the Foundation’s Board of Directors for a particular philanthropic interest as specified by its creators and donors.

    With investment income from the Field of Interest funds, the Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations within the funds defined area of interest:

    • The Kenosha Arts Fund supports projects that enhance the culture, economy and quality of life in Kenosha and have an impact on the arts and community at large.
    • The OMC Legacy Fund supports programs and activities designed to improve the general welfare and enhance the quality of life for youth in the Kenosha community.
    • The LaFave Family Fund supports programs that further education – particularly by promoting the humanities, the arts, tolerance and communication.
    • The Women’s Fund supports programs and organizations that create opportunities for women and children.

    NOTE: The following two Field of Interest endowment funds support the CBK Small Grant program – our newest competitive grant making program: The Clark-Barber Family Fund and The Kubasiewicz Family Trust.

    For each of the Field of Interest Funds, the Foundation, with the aid of committees of community volunteers, operates a thoughtful, responsive and community-based grant-making program that annually awards grant funds to local non-profit organizations. Though the purposes of the Field of Interest Funds are clearly focused, they remain flexible enough to meet community needs in the interest area—even as they change over time.

    NOTE: All of the Field of Interest funds accept donations from the public.