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CBK Small Grant Program

CBK stands for Creativity by Kids (of all ages)

The Kenosha Community Foundation is no longer accepting applications for 2020 awards from its new CBK Small Grant program.

The deadline for applications was January 15, 2020.

In 2020, the Foundation plans to award a group of small grants between $1,000- $500 – awards will be announced in the early spring.

Purpose of the CBK Small Grant Program
The purpose of the CBK Small Grant program is to provide funds “to groups offering programs in the arts or the understanding of our natural world. It will emphasize cross-cultural and multi-generational programs in both areas, whenever possible.”

Based on these criteria, the Foundation welcomes requests for funding for projects/initiatives in one or more of the following areas: the arts, culture, nature, and the environment:

• The award can be used as a contribution to an existing project/initiative or to help start a new program/initiative.
• Not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and/or educational institutions are welcome to apply.

Source of the CBK Small Grant Program
Funds for the CBK Grant program are derived from income from the Foundation’s Clark-Barber Family Fund and the Kubasiewicz Family Trust endowments:

  • The Clark-Barber Family Fund endowment was established in 2017 by Kenosha residents Tom and Ruth Barber Clark. NOTE: Mr. Clark – an artist and educator – created the picasette plaque that is used as the logo for the CBK Grant program:
  • The Kubasiewicz Family Trust endowment, established in 2012 by Salem Lakes resident Tom Targos in honor of his late mother Irene Kubasiewicz Targos, has previous funded grants to not-for-profit organizations including the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha and the LGBT Center of Southeastern Wisconsin.

The donors designed the program to support existing initiatives in the arts, culture, nature and the environment as well as a seed for new and experimental projects in these areas.