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Women’s Fund

2021 Grants from the Women’s Fund

In January 2021, the Foundation awarded the following six grants to programs that benefit women and children from the Women’s Fund:

• Faith Hope and Love to help expand its Duffels for Kids program with Kenosha County.
• Kenosha Achievement Center for specialized adaptive equipment provided to children with special needs.
• Kenosha County Association for Home and Community Education to support a program that provides free books to preschoolers in Kenosha County’s Head Start programs.
• Kenosha Human Development Services to provide support to participants in its Victim of Crime Act Program.
• Kenosha Literacy Council for their Women in Focus interactive workshops on women’s issues.
• Kenosha YMCA for its Feeding Families nutrition program.

Focus of Grants from the Women’s Fund
Grants from the Foundation’s Women’s Fund support programs and organizations that create opportunities for women and children in Kenosha County.

In addition, the Women’s Fund is a co-sponsor the Kenosha Women’s Network’s 2020 Susan B. Anthony – Women of Influence Awards.

About the Fund
Established by the Foundation as a component fund (also known as a quasi-endowment) in 1997, the Women’s Fund was the idea of a group of visionary Kenosha women, including Connie Ferwerda and Mary Frost Ashley, who were dedicated to improving the well-being and quality of life of women and children in Kenosha County.

The endowment fund was designed so that it would grow through tax-deductable donations from the public and a portion of the income earned by the endowment to be used as grants to local non-profit organizations. Since 1998, the Women’s Fund has distributed over $60,000 in grants to the community.

POAP Photo Held periodically in fall, since 2005, the Power of a Purse event has raised over $100,000 for the Women's Fund.