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About Scholarship Funds at the Kenosha Community Foundation
While the Kenosha Community Foundation does not operate a general scholarship fund, we administer a diverse and growing number of funds that offer scholarship opportunities to local students at all stages of higher education.

All scholarship awards are made from specific funds with criteria established by their particular donor. We currently administer a wide variety of scholarship funds that have been established by individuals, families and organizations throughout Kenosha County.

The scholarship award process is overseen by a committee of volunteers from Kenosha County.

The Foundation’s scholarship cycle begins each year in January when we open the application process and continues through June when all scholarships are approved by our Board of Directors. Application deadlines vary for each fund.

Scholarships available to local students
Among the scholarship funds that the Kenosha Community Foundation currently administers:

Mahone CEO Youth Scholarships from the Mary Lou and Arthur F. Mahone Fund
Herman and Virginia Gundlach Scholarships
Foundation’s Cropley Scholarships
Bradford High School Class of 1961 Scholarships
The Clay Davison Legacy Scholarship
The Madrigrano-Friebus Scholarship
The Howard J Brown Scholarship
The Fellman Family Fund Scholarship
The Rizzo Family Memorial Scholarship
Buri-Nelson Scholarships at St. James Church
The Mary Louise Link Fund Scholarships
A. Allan and Isabel M. Jankus Fund Scholarships
Manny Mitka Fund Scholarships
The Colleen Deininger Aviation Scholarship
The KTEC Alumni Scholarship
The Doris Kreuscher Colombe Scholarship

The Foundation also gives out awards to individuals who meet very specific criteria – presently, the Foundation manages two award programs:

The Hartley Family Youth Sailing Scholarship Award
The Kenosha Community Foundation Commission at the fresh inc. Music Festival

Over the past decade, the Kenosha Community Foundation has awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships to area students.

For more information
To find out more about scholarship opportunities at the Foundation or to establish a new scholarship fund, contact us at email@kenoshafoundation.org.