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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship endowment funds allow donors to make merit, need or academic-based scholarship awards to students seeking to further their education.

With a scholarship fund, a donor can establish the criteria for selecting scholarship recipients and identify a conduit organization that best fits with the student population you want to support. Conduit organizations can be a school, charity or religious institution.

These funds offer scholarships that assist high school students achieve their diploma, technical college students learn skills for a particular trade, returning adults achieve their dreams for graduate education, and medical students experience health care in other parts of the world.

Considerations when Establishing a Scholarship Endowment Fund

• Scholarships can support students of all ages who are obtaining their education and degrees at every level in the educational system.

• Scholarships may benefit a particular group of people such as women, people of color, or residents of a particular community.

• Scholarships can be established to assist students in specific situations including to support students pursuing a specific fields of study or to students who are most in need.

• Scholarship awards can be one-time or recurring over a period of time.

• Scholarships must be permanent endowment funds and start with a minimum balance of $10,000.

• Foundation staff, working with volunteers on selection committees, ensure that scholarship recipients meet fund criteria and fulfill scholarship award requirements. Final selections are reviewed and finalized by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Scholarship Funds at the Kenosha Community Foundation

The Herman and Virginia Gundlach Scholarship Fund
The Foundation-Cropley Scholarship Fund
The Bradford High School Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund
The Tremper High School Class of 1971 Scholarship Fund
The Rizzo Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Clay Davison Legacy Scholarship Fund
The Howard J. Brown Scholarship Fund
The Madrigrano-Friebus Scholarship Fund
• The Mary Louise Link Scholarship Fund
• Allan and Isabel M. Jankus Scholarship Fund (for students at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy)
• The Henry A. Link Scholarship Fund (associated with St. James Church)
• The Buri-Nelson Scholarship Fund (associated with St. James Church)
• The Fellman Family Fund

Note that Mahone CEO Youth Scholarships are funded by the Mary Lou and Arhur F. Mahone Fund – a Field of Interest Fund.